petek, 07. december 2007

About my village

Smast is the small village with the settlement named Log on the left bank of the river Soča in community Kobarid. This village is situated on the peak of the highest valley terrace below the mountain called Krn.
This village was the first time mentioned in the year 1178. On the hill outside this village, not far away, is the Church of St. Lovrenc with the cemetery. There is the grave of the famous poet Simon Gregorčič.
Renovated one-floor houses prevail on this area of the region called North Primorska. Livestock of the farmers pastures from spring to autumn by the Soča river, this cattle in the summer period is usually on the highland below the mountain Krn. In the northern part of the village is the brook Korito, the afflux of the river Ročica.

ponedeljek, 19. november 2007

The river Soča

River soča, originally uploaded by Iversonic.
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For this picture I decided because I adore river Soča.

nedelja, 18. november 2007

Carnival, Ladra Smast

This photo was made in our carnival.

This picture chose because Carnival is already old tradition
in our villages.
I enyoy in this show every year.

ponedeljek, 12. november 2007

About poet Simon Gregorčič

Simon Gregorčič was born in 1844 in small village Vrsno.He was second child in his family.When he was young he was visiting school on Libušnje and he pastured father sheep. He adored his birth place. He studied theology in Gorica. When he finished school he found a job in Kobarid.This was his first job. After some time he had to go to Rihenberk. There he was very unhappy because he missed his domestic place. Rihemberk is today`s Branik.In Rihenberk he wrote a lot of songs like Soča , Nazaj v planinski raj, Veseli pastir , Hajdukova oporoka, Kropiti te ne smem and so on. In Rihemberk he was a vicar too, but he didn`t get along with priest. When he was older he was very sick and he finished his job and he bought a little farm in Gradišče and he wrote songs.When he was very ill he went to stay in Gorica.
He died in 1906 in Gorica. When he died a lot of people were very sad. He was buried at the church of Sveti Lovrenc near village Smast.
Today a lot of people remember a big poet and his songs and visit his grave at Sveti Lovrenc. Very popular for visitors is museum in his birth house in village Vrsno.

petek, 26. oktober 2007

Me and Internet

My first time surfing on Internet was about 4 years ago in school.First I was a little bit scar,because it was something new for me.First I don't use it very much,but now I`m married with it.At home I have it one year,90% of use it about chat with my friends and just 10% I use it for school.Maybe is this wrong but I cant help it.The Internet is the world best thing because you can learn from it,you can shop on it or just talking with your friends.I love it so much that I`ll never divorce form it.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

My name is Jan and I am 20 years old.I have a brown hair and my haircut is short.My eyes are green-brown and I have a beautiful smile.I am very nice person,I like to help everybody who need any help. I was studying mechanical engineering in T.Š.C but now I study on vocational collage on T.Š.C too. I come from village Smast near Kobarid. I like to ride a motor bike, drive a car and I like playing computer games.I have a big black dog,his name is Medo he`s 7 years old. I am very busy student because I work whole day helping my grandfather on his small farm. In my free time I am trying to study hoping to finish this school.My favourite music is TURBO FOLK.I like it because is very fun and in video are playing a beautiful girls.

Thank you and goodbye