torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

My name is Jan and I am 20 years old.I have a brown hair and my haircut is short.My eyes are green-brown and I have a beautiful smile.I am very nice person,I like to help everybody who need any help. I was studying mechanical engineering in T.Š.C but now I study on vocational collage on T.Š.C too. I come from village Smast near Kobarid. I like to ride a motor bike, drive a car and I like playing computer games.I have a big black dog,his name is Medo he`s 7 years old. I am very busy student because I work whole day helping my grandfather on his small farm. In my free time I am trying to study hoping to finish this school.My favourite music is TURBO FOLK.I like it because is very fun and in video are playing a beautiful girls.

Thank you and goodbye

4 komentarji:

Saša pravi ...

Hi Jan! What does your grandfather do? What kind of computer games do you play?

roby pravi ...

hi jan
you haven't got any car
car who you speat to barbra isn't your is yours father car!!!!

Jan pravi ...

Hi Saša!
My grandfather is a hardwork old man.His got small farm with a few sheeps were I help him if because he can`t do all by him self.I like shuting and racing games like Richard Burns Rally, San Andreas Medal of honer, NFS carbon,...and so on.

Bostjan pravi ...

Hi Jan
I interesting what breed is?